A virtual world of Dinosaurs!

Good evening folks,
People like me always get thrilled after watching movies like “Jurassic World”. The ones sitting with you in the cinema hall are enjoying the thrills and here i am wanting to feel the virtual world of dinosaurs. During the course of the movie, I thought that what if the Dinosaurs still existed, what if there’s a park, a real Jurassic Park, and you get to feel the thrill and excitement of living with the dinosaurs and then the very next day you are out in the park with your brother, friend, sis or whomsoever and you get caught up and face the real challenge. A gargantuan Raptor is standing right in front of you (assume it broke out of its cage) and you know that this is your moment to save the world, this is your moment to save the humankind. You have no super powers and for sure you are no ‘Tony Stark’.

You are just a normal human being with a paramount task in your hands (which are scared of holding a lizard, of course.) and you say to yourself and the one standing with you, “Do not worry my friend, I will get you out of here.” These words give you a sense of motivation, a sense of responsibility and you go out there with a gun in your hand (you pick it from the hands of a dead) and shoot the T- Rex which for sure makes that beast angry and you then run for your life and for the first time in your life you jump 200 ft down into the heavily flowing river (damn adventurous). The T-rex leaves you because it is scared of height, duh!

Now you are with your brother/sister and you find this beautiful girl (damn scared!) hiding beneath a tree who was desperately waiting for her saviour to come and save her, and guess WHAT ‘you’ are her saviour, her knight in the shining armour (her future love, to be honest.). Now It is your job to get her out of there safely and win the world. Meanwhile, in the control room everyone is evacuating people, and a search for you has already begun and special forces are ready to kill that beast (ironically, they are the only ones who made it to…. spice things up).
Well coming back, you meet the real deal in the middle, the communicator, the one who talks with the scariest of all the beasts, and you find out that he is friends with some reptiles too; and together as a team you kill that monster, that deadly – deadly ogre.  (You got lucky boy)!
The girl is flattered on you, everything is back to normal, the bad dinosaurs are finally dead, the good dinosaurs are back into the park, and you meet your parents. (Oh! I love reunions.)
Then comes the moment you were desperately waiting for..
The girl whom you saved, comes closer to you..more closer..more closer..(oh! Your heart beating fast.) she draws herself closer and the movie finishes, you get back to your senses, stand up and walk out of the cinema hall saying, “What an adventurous movie!” The End.


Your views matter to me.

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