Love, Rosie

At one point or another, we find ourselves looking at a dear friend of the opposite sex in a different light. It might be over time, it might be all at once, but either way it happens at least once to us all. When this happens we start feeling differently, we start acting differently; and moreover expressing your love to your best friend is the toughest task of all as you don’t want any loose end in it, you feel scared in expressing your love to him/her because you know if it goes the other way round you might end up ruining your friendship too; but you start giving indications of you liking her or her liking him but it’s all too rumpled up.

Love, Rosie is a film about that one time, and the 12 years that follow in the complicated, surprising, and sometimes upsetting life of a woman who let that friend get away.

But lets not talk about the movie here, let us talk about that one best friend you have whom you love, with whom you have shared everything, the one you know from your lifetime and the ones you know from just a year or two but it feels like a lifetime. Maybe the other person also loves you, maybe there’s that spark between you two but you both are just scared to share your feelings with each other and end up taking the wrong decisions like the ones taken by Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) in the movie.

You have known a friend from a very long time and your relationship is poised on the knife-edge of falling into something more romantic but then you miss the moment and everything starts slipping away; so you both try not to break your friendship and start indulging into other “relationships” which does you no wonder but serves you with ‘temporary’ happiness and missing your “real” half.
Years pass by, a lot has happened in your life, people come and go from your life but at every moment when you feel dark and dull you text that one person and you know that s/he will bring you out of that dark hole because your love for each other is deep and true but you both still think that your are just meant to be “best-friends” forever!

But when you both do realise that you are actually meant for each other, like what happens in the film after a long 12 years, that you are more than being just “bff’s”, you find a way to come back to each other after so much of love and heartbreak during the course.

 “Rosie Dunne, Can I take you to the Dance?”, asks Alex.

“Better late than never.”, responds Rosie with tears rolling out on her cheeks.

So, never miss a chance to ask your best friend for a dance because it is always better late than never.


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