Remembering the 90s

Today, when I look around kids these days, all dwelled into technology and stuff, I feel sad sometimes that they will never know how it was like to grow up in the 90s. Of course kids (ages 3-13) of this era are more technologically advanced and they know how to use an iPad  when all we would do was to collect Pokemon cards, Beyblades and had no idea what a mobile phone was till the end 90s. Yes, today’s generation is more smart and technologically advanced but in my opinion no time period was better to grow than the 90s. Accept the fact that we enjoyed it all; from the “old school” stuff to the time when everything just got too modern and advanced (We used the first version of windows, lol). If you are still not sure what I am talking about, here are some reasons which would take you back in your 90s.

  • Imagination ruled our childhood 

In today’s world, Internet and smartphones are the “most used” sources of entertainment and fun but back in our time when we were growing up we only had our imagination and toys as the only source of fun. We would sit around with our friends and siblings on a cold winter night and build castles using bed sheets, sofas and chairs; role play all night long. We would spend our nights camping out in forests with our friends and whatnot. Technology didn’t control our lives while growing up in the ’90s and in a way it was a blessing, because we got to explore things ourselves.

  • Best Tv Shows

To be true, television today is amazing with all the shows like Game Of thrones, Californication, TBBT etc. but the shows we watched in our childhood were just amazing and way original than the shows we watch today. Who remembers Pokemon, Power Rangers, Oswald, Noddy, Bob the Builder, Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s so Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Powerpuff, Dexter, Popeye etc..; this list is never-ending and even Tom and Jerry of our times was much better than today’s high-definition ones; it was original and funnier. True, it was just cable TV but it was epic and the best part we used to enjoy it together with our friends under one roof fighting for the popcorn.

  • Letter Writing

Today with all the free texting and stuff we have forgotten about writing short/long letters or passing notes in the class. There is no more folding of notes and trying to pass it behind the teacher’s back, no nervousness or excitement. Just “Whatsapping” or “Facebooking”. Remember the time, when you would write a short proposal letter to your crush and it would reach to him/her through your mutual friend and you had to wait for the next day for the reply. Oh! that was amazing. Yes, its good now that we have the “last seen online” technology so the span of “excitement” has reduced but back then waiting a whole day was more exciting than to just wait for a few seconds or minutes for the last seen.

  • In Person Communication

Who remembers face-to-face contact anymore? Back then if you wanted to get a hold of someone without using your home phone, you would probably have to go all the way to their house. Meeting up with people was only possible if you had a human pick up train, one person picks up another at their house, those two go pick up another person and so on and so forth. It was laborious, but there was never a miscommunication!
After school, we would meet up at one of our friend’s house, finish our homework by discussing it with each other and not copying  it from the internet and then we would grab hold of our bicycles and make a train of them and stop at different junctions (other people’s houses). We would play games like Hide and seek, Ice Water, Dark Room etc and it was an amazing time pass and helped us to spend time with our friends and getting to know them. Those memories and friends are still everlasting.

  • Those Childhood walks

Remember the times when in the cold or hot evenings we would walk down the streets with our ‘best-friend’ talking endlessly. We would spend hours with each other just talking to each other about anything. In those time we didn’t have any cell phones so no one could disturb us and we would spend the whole evening talking, eating and sometimes observing the sun set in silence.
The memories that were created at that time will stay with us forever.

Growing up in the ’90s was amazing, games were fun, communication was in person, television was at its peak, but of course I may be biased but come on we all know it was amazing.
Now it is your turn to tell me,what were your favorite things about growing up during the time period that you did? So post a comment below and relive your memories.


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