5 Weirdest Things Stolen From Hotel Rooms


Sometimes you are bored from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or any social networking site/app you can think of and you decide to search for random things on internet, literally random. I did the same and decided to search for craziest of things that were ever stolen from hotels on google (even googled searched with a “lame” face) and after getting the results; I was shocked that people from around the globe stole weirdest of things possible (not only Indians). So, I’ll be sharing some of the craziest and funniest things stolen from hotels: –

  1. When You don’t wanna spend money on renovation of your bathroom.


Berlin hotel guest stole stylish monsoon shower heads, hydro massage shower units, taps, toilet seats and even the sink.

2. A Pig for decoration. like seriously?


A guest tried to abscond from the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham, UK, with the stuffed boar’s head. Other items to…

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