Some Road Trips Change your Lives!

In one’s lifetime there comes a time when you meet someone who gives meaning to your life, who makes you realize your importance in the world and the fact that you just have to clean the shit off your asses and enjoy the beauty of life.  The Fundamentals of Caring is that one movie which would inspire you to value the little things in your life – like “Peeing Standing Up”.

This movie is about a man, Paul Rudd, who is suffering from incredible amount of losses enrolls himself in a class of care-giving. His perspective towards life changes when he is entitled to take care of a teen, Craig Roberts, suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

The movie takes you to an emotional ride when they take a road trip to see the Deepest pit in the world and the stories that unfold during the movie. The movie has one simple message, i.e., to enjoy and value your life at its fullest. It does not matter if you are handicapped or disabled in any form; it all depends upon your heart and mind whether you want to enjoy all the beauty and simplicity of your life or you want to spend your life just by sitting in your living room and watching everything, that is right out there in open, on your television.

During the course of their ride they meet Dot, Selena Gomez, who also joins them in their week-long excursion and we start seeing some cute sparks between Trevor and Dot. There are moments in the film which would make you laugh and cry at the same time. The actors have portrayed their characters so beautifully that you will feel connected with them and as the movie ends you will be emotionally attached to them.

I will not open much of the film for you but would tell you that this movie is full with sensible humor which would make you laugh and keep you attached with the film throughout its run-time and it also has heart-breaking moments that would make you feel the pain.

This flick also tells you that the duration of relationships does not matter; rather there are some people in your life who are there with you just for a limited period of time but those people leave the most deepest and beautiful imprints on your heart and in your lives that they change your perspective towards life and cleaning the “shit” of your life becomes easier.

This movie is overall “Handsome and Cool”; so go on to this emotional road-trip and cherish each and every moment of it.

Directed By: – Rob Burnett
Based On a Novel By: – Jonathan Evison
Cast: – Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, Selena Gomez
Genre: – Comedy|Drama

Rating : – ****

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